Microsoft Store Engagement and Monetization SDK to help developers bring home some cash

Staff Writer

Microsoft Campus

With Microsoft’s Build 2016 happening this week, and Day 1 already completed, a lot of information regarding ways to develop apps on the Universal Windows Platform has been talked about and with more to be revealed. In a  blog post on Microsoft’s Dev Center site, Micheal Schofield, highlights some a new SDK for developers to use to gain insightful feedback and monetization of their apps.

They are called the Microsoft Store Engagement and Monetization SDK. These tools provide developers with the following features:

  • A/B Testing

This feature allows developers to test certain additions, features to their apps, within in a small group, before rolling it out to all users. Similar to beta testing new experiences on Xbox or Windows, this gives developers the ability to analyze the feedback given and make appropriate changes.

  • UWP app Feedback

With this tool developers can direct their users to the Windows Feedback Hub. Here they can leave feedback on developers apps, suggestions, voting and/or problems with the app. The information gets collected for developers to look over in the Dev Center dashboard.

  • App Ads

Here developers can use this tool to monetize their apps with ads. This allows developers to add banner displays, video ads and ads from other networks to their apps. This tool also works for development in Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8/8.1.

To get reference documentation on the API’s used in this SDK, be sure to visit this page. To install this latest SDK visit the blog post for instructions and let us know in the comments how these new tools help your app development and monetization.