Microsoft Store bundles Surface + Xbox One for students, up to $499 in savings

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Take heed, students of the world: the ultimate “study-and-play” bundle from Microsoft has been unveiled, bringing Surface’s productivity and Xbox’s entertainment prowess into one combination of technology goodness.

Specifically, the bundle, now available on the Microsoft Store website for you to build, will contain a Surface of your choice, an Xbox One, as well as a few other value items, as seen below.

Surface xbox bundle

There are some conditions and understanding to be made about the bundle, however. First of all, it will obviously be only available to students, parents, and school faculty. The bundle will also not include the newly-announced Xbox One S – a slimmed, sleeker, 4K video stream-able version of the Xbox One – or a Kinect sensor, which will have to be purchased separately if you want any of the cool voice-based capabilities.

If you’re ok with all of the above, however, then this is probably the best deal you can get currently to prepare for the coming long years of college life, saving you up to $499 compare to individual purchases. That is not to mention the awesome factor: after all, what can make you more hip and popular with friends than sporting a Surface and having an Xbox in the dorm room for weekend gaming get-togethers?

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