Microsoft still selling the Surface Pro 2, but for how long?

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Surface Pro 2

Earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the Intel-based Surface Pro 3, which is not just a tablet, but can serve the purpose of a proper laptop as well. Last year, when Microsoft unveiled the Surface Pro 2, it discontinued its previous iteration, but it seems the case is a little different here. Microsoft plans on selling the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 alongside the new 12-inch Surface Pro 3 tablet.

After the event in New York City today, TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm asked a Microsoft's spokesperson if they will keep on selling the Surface Pro 2, he replied, "Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 remain great options and will stay in market at this time." Great option? Well, did I miss something here? The previous Surface Pro 2 is currently listed on Microsoft website for $899, while the newer 12-inch Surface Pro 3 will start at $799. I don't see it to be a great option compared to the Surface Pro 3, since the newer version got rid of most of the problems consumers had with the previous iteration. One could say that Surface Pro 2 comes with an i5 chipset compared to the i3 in the base model of Surface Pro 3, but is that enough to justify the $100 higher price?

We can't be sure if Microsoft will keep it at $899, but considering that the newer version is $100 cheaper, we might see a price drop from Microsoft in the coming weeks or may be days, especially if they want to get rid of their current inventory. It would be interesting to see what Microsoft is planning for the Surface Pro 2. On the bright side, who's ordering the new Surface Pro 3?

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