Microsoft still has a ways to go with Windows 10 Mobile

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With Windows 10 Mobile Build 10512 hitting devices today, be assured newly appointed Vice President of WDG Engineering System team, Gabe Aul, will be managing his Twitter account to field questions, comments and concerns. Among the information Gabe is rolling out today, Insiders should be aware that there is no direct path of an upgrade from 8.1 to build 10512. For Insiders who have either rolled back their device or have yet to jump into the preview waters, devices on Windows Phone 8.1 will render build 10166 as the available upgrade before getting to build 10512.

Another piece of interesting information is that although outwardly facing, mobile build 10512 looks similar to build 10166, the Windows team has issued over 2,000 fixes since build 10166.

Insiders should also note that build 10512, while on the new TH2 branch, isn’t even close to the RTM candidate many have reported. According to Gabe, there is a lot more the Windows team has to address before Mobile is final.

Lastly, Gabe offers a quick workaround for Insiders experiencing a boot loop on Lumia 530 devices. By holding the volume up button when rebooting, the user will be sent into a flashing mode (with a lighting bolt). After which, Insiders can then use the Windows Recovery tool we reported on earlier to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 and then begin the update process to 10512 again.

As more issues, comments, concerns, and questions arise regarding mobile build 10512, Gabe’s Twitter account could end up being just as good a source of information as the Windows Blog is today.

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