Microsoft starts rolling out Share dialog on Edge Canary and Dev channels

One of the things that sets Microsoft Edge apart from its rivals is its integration with Windows 10. The company has been building its new Chromium-based version of its browser from the ground up for some time now, and now another feature has been implemented to bring it closer to feature completion.

As spotted by Richard Hay from Windows Observer, a handful of users are getting access to the Share dialog built inside of Windows 10 that has long been part of the UWP version of Edge. The browser's project manager, William Devereux, confirmed on Twitter that the feature is indeed gradually rolling out to users.

Even though the feature might be limited to a small group of users, it’s still good to know that it’s something that Edge users won’t have to miss out on when the new browser eventually replaces its UWP predecessor. Neither Chrome nor Firefox currently take advantage of Windows 10’s share dialog, so it’s certainly something that gives Microsoft’s browser an edge over its competitors (hence its name).

If you believe that leaks can be a sign that something is just around the corner, the installers for the Beta and Stable versions of Edge have leaked online, however Stable doesn’t work quite yet. Seeing as how Microsoft has put a lot of elbow grease into its new browser, hopefully it will be more generally available soon.

Do you find the Windows 10’s Share dialog to be a feature that makes Edge a more attractive option for getting online? What else do you think can make the browser better compete with the likes of Chrome? Let us know in the comments.

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