Microsoft: The Start button is on the right side in Windows 8

In a new blog post, Microsoft mentions that the Start button is still present in the new Windows 8 operating system. Instead of being in its traditional place, it is now on the right side of your screen (aka the Charms bar).

The big question that everyone asks is “Where did the Start button go?” The answer? Well, according to Microsoft, its still there. “So where did the Start button go? The short answer: it’s still there, it’s just on the right, and it looks a little different now,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft believes that the new Charms bar is the new Start menu. The Charms bar offers shortcuts to several important features in Windows 8. For example, the Search Charm allows you to see a list of Apps on your computer, as well as searching through them with ease. “As you begin typing, the view changes in real time to include only the things that match what you’ve entered. On the upper right are options to filter your search to Settings or Files, so you can quickly find what you need,” Microsoft adds.

Searching in Windows 8 also allows you to look at results from multiple apps. Microsoft offers an example: “I can use the Search charm to easily read in Internet Explorer about the city and the best places to stay, use a travel app to check on airfare, and then obsessively check the weather every day until I leave. I just open Search and enter “Tokyo.” then I can click an app and see the results, and when I’ve read what I want to, I bring search up again, and since my search term is still there, I can just click another app and see what it gives me.”

The Settings Charm in Windows 8 offers users more than what was in the Windows 7 Start Menu. The Settings Charm will feature settings specific to the app that a user is running. For example, opening the Settings Charm while on the desktop app will feature desktop specific settings such as Personalization.

The Settings Charm also has a few shortcuts to common commands, such as those in Windows 7’s Start Menu. “This is where you can go to view and change network properties (including airplane mode), control the system volume and screen brightness, change the language you type in, restart, sleep, shut down, and turn notifications on and off. There’s also a link to PC settings that shows up no matter where you are in Windows,” Microsoft adds.

Microsoft has also included an advanced command list for power users. “If you’re using a mouse, you can right-click down in the corner to bring up a menu with quick links to some common administrative and power user tasks.”

So there you have it. The new Start button and Start menu is indeed present in Windows 8, but it has been revamped and improved to make things efficient. This new menu/button is now the Charms bar.

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