Microsoft, Starbucks and others pledge $3 million to help homeless families in Seattle

Arif Bacchus

From donations to Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo, or teaming up and helping fund “Inside the Music of KEXP” in Seattle, Microsoft has always been active in their home community of Seattle.  Today, the tech giant, along with others, has just donated to a Seattle-based initiative which aims to help homeless families in Seattle.

According to GeekWire, Microsoft, Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, Expedia, Nordstrom, and other Seattle companies have announced donations of more than $3 to Mary’s Place initiative, “No Child Sleep Outside.” Along with a $250,000 contribution to Mary’s Place, Microsoft has also pledged $1 million to the initiative which aims to support the expansion of Mary’s Place shelter and address homeless in the King County area. In a statement, Microsoft’s President Brad Smith expressed Microsoft’s support for the organization:

“We will support partners throughout the area to pursue both short- and long-term systemic solutions, including permanent housing.”

The donations come following a 20 percent jump in the homeless count last year, and come as families with young children are waiting months for emergency shelter, leaving many sleeping on the streets, in cars and parks across the community. Donations by Microsoft and the other companies will help respond to the critical, short-term need to bring these unsheltered families inside.  Operating six crisis response family shelter, and providing refuge and community for 400 family members experiencing homelessness, Mary’s Place empowers the homeless to reclaim their lives by providing shelter, nourishment, resources, healing, and hope in a safe community.