Microsoft’s Sprightly Android app adds support for Bing Images and Google Photos

Brad Stephenson

Sprightly for Android

Microsoft’s image editing Android app, Sprightly, has updated with added support for Bing Images files stored in Google Photos. Sprightly is designed to help businesses create promotional media in a fast and affordable design environment. It can be used for creating videos, catalogues, flyers, and coupons and is free to use. Here’s the official description:

Graphic design experts at Sprightly have tackled all your design problems so you don’t have to. Without any previous experience you can easily create professional looking designs. Choose from a number of pre-designed templates, add one image or 20 and each time the app will re-size and arrange the images in the most beautiful way possible. Once created, easily share your content across digital platforms for your social media and content marketing needs or send print ready PDF’s to your customers.

Sprightly can come in handy for retailers who regularly engage with their customers on social channels. Create on-the-go awesome business collages for new product launches or special occasions such as 1st Anniversary or Spring Collection and share them on Messenger or WhatsApp to attract new customers.

While Sprightly is designed by Microsoft, the company has not released a version for Windows 10 or Windows 10 Mobile devices. They have made one for iOS devices however. Do you use Sprightly? Let us know if you recommend it in the comments below.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁