Microsoft highlights Mobile Marketing Automation with new partner, Swrve

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With the ubiquity of smartphone and other mobile devices, mobile marketing is now one of the most important areas of the industry, and automation technology will make it easier for marketers to increase customer engagement, details a new post on the Windows blog.

Specifically, the post provides the three main tools of mobile marketing automation (MMA): push notifications, in-app messaging and A/B testing. The first two solutions deliver the right valuable information and content to the users at the right time; the third help marketers optimize their strategy by knowing what works. All of these solutions increase return on investment (ROI) and customer retention rate.

The post also talks about a new MMA partner of Windows: mobile engagement platform Swrve, first introduced at Build 2016. Swrve helps mobile app owners to know and interact with customers through advanced targeting, conversation, and analytics tools. Both user life cycle (through the six states of activity/inactivity) and 24-hour performance can be monitored with the intuitive dashboard. For Universal Windows Platform app makers, Swrve integration is as easy as installing the SDK, and adding morsels of code to integrate Swrve into each state of the app, from launching to resuming.

MMA is essential for marketers and mobile service owners in the modern age no matter the industry, and Swrve should be a fine addition to the Windows marketing toolset. It's not the only choice, however: Azure Mobile Engagement, Localytics or Urban Airship are other engagement platforms you can have a look at, and more should come in the future.

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