Microsoft has a very special limited edition Iron Man Xbox One

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Limited edition consoles are some of the coolest things that a gamer can get into their collection. Whether it be a console that’s a slightly different color than the factory edition or something that sports a unique decal, collectors are always going to be chomping at the bit to get something that’s going to separate their collection the collections of others. If you’re an Xbox gamer and also a Marvel fan, then you may get especially giddy about the announcement of this amazing – albeit incredibly rare – limited edition console.

This new Iron Man themed Xbox One comes to you courtesy of Tony Stark himself if you ask Microsoft. This gorgeous new machine not only comes in a sleek white color but comes with all sorts of grooves and contours – not to mention the Stark Industries logo and unmistakable arc reactor placed smack dab in the middle. It also comes with an Xbox One controller done in a similar theme to help you keep the whole package looking nice.

These consoles are part of a promotion being done for Captain America: Civil War, and if you’re looking to get your hands on one, your odds aren’t great. We only know that three of these exist at the moment, as you can only get one by entering the giveaway on Xbox France’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. It’s entirely possible that they’ve created more than one to be given out for each of the three giveaways, but the likelihood isn’t all that high.

With Xbox France giving away this Xbox console for #TeamIronMan, it’s entirely possible that we’ll be seeing a console in the near future for #TeamCap, themed in red white and blue. Even if that’s the case, there’s little doubt that anyone – regardless of which “team” they’re on – would be happy to get their hands on either of these custom consoles.

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