One of our favorite Microsoft apps, SMS Organizer, gets a UI refresh and support for Indian languages

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A Microsoft Garage product, SMS Organizer is a light-weight app for Android smartphones that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to pick out messages and classify them based on priority. In India, every transaction with a business or a government entity triggers an SMS and there are several promotional messages every day too that clutter up an already busy SMS Inbox.

The app helps users manage their SMS by sifting through the contents of each message and categorizing them based on utility and importance. Interestingly, all the classification and interpretation happens locally on the device and does not require any server-side interaction.

The highlight of SMS Organizer is the Smart cards feature. The machine learning algorithm built into the app reads through the messages you receive and highlights key information via cleaner and at-a-glance information cards. The SMS Organizer also sets reminders for actions mentioned in the messages – like bill payments or travel tickets. It blocks spam messages from sending notifications and alerts so that you aren’t interrupted by non-essential messages.

One of our favorite Microsoft apps, SMS Organizer, gets a UI refresh and support for Indian languages - - April 2, 2018

The latest update to SMS Organizer brings a more ‘darker’ UI (see the sample screenshots – leftmost screenshot is before the update) which I’m a big fan of. The new cleaner UI simplifies the app and makes it more intuitive.

The update also adds support for Indian languages – Hindi and Telugu. The developers will be adding support for more languages going forward.

SMS Organizer is a simple solution to a common problem that saves users from the torrent of unnecessary spam and makes sure you don’t miss out on important messages. Give it a whirl if you’re in India, and let us know how you like it.

SMS Organizer
SMS Organizer
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