Microsoft just launched a new app called Skype Mingo on Android

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Microsoft has just released a new Skype app for Android devices called, Skype Mingo. The new app is in Alpha phase right now, so is not 100% perfected and ready for everyday casual consumer usage, but can be downloaded and used from the Google Play Store for those interested in a glimpse of the future.

As for how Skype Mingo differs from the regular Skype app, it appears to be a sampling of where Microsoft hopes to take the communications service in the future. In addition to the expected Skype call and messaging features, Skype Mingo also boasts greater mobile phone integration and can function as a location for making native phone calls (i.e. regular phone calls can be made from this app instead of the usual method) and sending SMS messages. Here’s the official app description:

Skype Mingo (Alpha) is your ultimate communications hub, providing native calling, SMS, and contacts management capability, in addition to the rich Skype functionality you already know and love.

FAST: Optimized for speed, Mingo is small and fast. Gives you a rich set of features in a small, easy to manage package.

SMART: Helps you save money, with advanced features such as Economical Calling, and On-Demand Sync. Provides direct access to your data usage statistics, so that you can always be in control of your data. Gives you access to thousands of Skype bots.

UNIVERSAL: Native phone calls, phone contacts and SMS. Rich Skype chats, file and photo sharing, and audio and video calls.

Are you curious about Skype Mingo? Is this what you want in a Skype app? Share your thoughts with us and the community in the comments below.

Skype Lite - Free Video Call & Chat
Skype Lite - Free Video Call & Chat
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