Microsoft simplifies, enhances Windows Phone Dev Center payments, financial reporting

Microsoft simplifies, enhances Windows Phone Dev Center payments, financial reporting

With the move to Windows 10 and a Universal App model, Microsoft is making a number of changes not only to the way developers can build and deploy apps, but to how they're managed.  Microsoft is moving to a single Store and Dev Center model, which requires "a wide range of updates and enhancements to our backend process and infrastructure in addition to the UI changes that you're already seeing in Windows 10 technical preview".

One of these changes is coming soon for developers who rely on the Windows Phone Dev Center for payments and financial reporting on their apps.  Coming to the Windows Phone Dev Center first, and then later to the Windows Dev Center (which at some point will all become a single experience, but not yet), the changes seek to provide a cleaner, data-rich interface, a breakdown of app and in-app purchases by market, and transaction level payout export.

In order to accomplish the changes, some payment reporting services will be taken offline beginning March 27th until the week of April 13th, but developers will start to see the changes on the 27th, including the new interface, including a set of four tiles with a quick look at the "bottom line":

Windows Phone Dev Center payout summary

The new payments information will include a new payment statement, and better market by market information, updated within 48 hours instead of the weeks it takes now.

Developers are encouraged to export their current information if they will need it during the transition period, and to check out the new interface once it goes live beginning March 27th.

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