Microsoft shuts down more Lumia Twitter accounts, including @LumiaHelp

Laurent Giret

Earlier this month, we reported that Microsoft had started to consolidate its Lumia branded social media accounts. At the time, a post on the Lumia US Facebook page explained that “this is all to make it easier for you to be part of our international, larger, Microsoft family,” but it wasn’t yet clear which international accounts would be affected apart from the Lumia US accounts on both Twitter and Facebook. However, it seems that this streamlining effort wasn’t completed yet as the @LumiaHelp Twitter support account plus other regional Lumia Twitter accounts have posted earlier today that they will also soon shut down (via Neowin).

If you were following the @LumiaHelp Twitter account previously, you’re now invited to follow the global @MicrosoftHelps account. In other English-speaking countries, both the LumiaUK account and the LumiaIndia account are also shutting down, and you should follow the global Lumia account from now.

Lastly, other non-English regional Twitter accounts will also disappear such as the Spanish @LumiaEs account as well as the French @LumiaAide support account. Both accounts now invite users to follow bigger regional accounts:

Lumia sales have clearly fallen from a cliff over these last months, and it makes sense for Microsoft to put more wood behind fewer arrows. But as the future of the Lumia brand is still uncertain, we’ll see if Microsoft will once again decides to streamline its social media presence in the coming months.