Microsoft shows off Xbox One 'Snap' feature, lets you multitask while playing a game

Microsoft shows off Xbox One 'Snap' feature, lets you multitask while playing a game

We are a scant ten days away from the launch of the next big Microsoft gaming console. The Xbox One hits the retail market on November 22nd, though a few lucky customers have received the device a bit early. Aside from those rare physical previews, the company has also been slowly pushing out information on the console to keep potential customers sufficiently teased.

The latest unveiling shows off the 'snap' feature -- something that will be familiar to Windows users. If you aren't familiar, this allows the user to display side-by-side windows with different apps running. Its a handy feature on a computer. Placing an Explorer window next to a web browser is certainly something useful in day-to-day life, from a productivity standpoint.

Today's video, which was announced by Xbox Live chief Larry Hryb, better known as Major Nelson -- though its narrated by Microsoft's Yusuf Mehdi. In just a bit under two minutes, the flick manages to display this same Windows-like multi-taking features has been built into the Xbox One. Mehdi controls this, both by voice via the Kinect, and also the game controller. The latter requires a double-tap to return to your game or entertainment.

Its not entirely clear how Microsoft expects you to surf the web, watch TV or read activity feeds while you are attempting to kill enemies or keep a race car on its track. But, the ability to do so, if you can handle this sort of multi-tasking, is there. Are you planning to get the Xbox One and, if so, what feature has you most excited?

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