Microsoft Shows Off Windows Phone Kinect Integration

A new video has hit the internet demonstrating Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform with Kinect integration. The video showcases a Microsoft employee explaining what features are possible with this integration.

Not that long ago, we learned of a new advertising format that utalizes the Kinect on Windows Phone. Users will be able to use voice commands or gestures to naturally engage with advertising and extend the interaction from the living room. “Simply put, NUads break down the barriers between consumers and content on the TV screen. NUads make traditional linear content— like a 30 second TV spot— irresistibly interactive,” said Microsoft Advertising General Manager Mark Kroese.

In this video, we see two features. If a user says “Xbox Schedule” while watching a tv show, you will automatically see information about that show. Saying “Xbox Near Me” will show the user the location of the product shown on tv. Once the location is found, the user can choose to send directions in text message format via the Kinect to their Windows Phone.

Microsoft is not stopping with the Windows Phone platform, in fact, the company also plans on expanding on the Kinect platform by introducing it to the Windows PC. Microsoft plans on releasing software for developers to create applications that are compatible with the Kinect and can run on Windows based desktops and laptops.

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