Microsoft shows off Windows 8 in-app advertising prototypes, launches Ad Pano

Microsoft advertising

Microsoft posed the question, can a team of creatives and technologists co-create a series of new and unique advertising experiences using Microsoft technology? Microsoft believes this is indeed possible and is now showcasing a few Windows 8 in-app ads that have gone live. On top of which, Microsoft is also launched a new ad format for Windows 8.

“Ads in Apps for Windows 8 is an effective platform for brands to tell their stories, but brands still need fresh ad formats to tell their stories successfully. To that point, today we’re announcing with the availability of the Ad Pano to all advertisers and publishers who use the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8. The Ad Pano is a premium Ads in Apps solution for Windows 8 that was born from the original co-ideation sessions with partners last year,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft wants to bring fresh and innovative designs to advertising, making them beautiful, relevant, and useful to consumers. Microsoft points out that advertisements in Apps for Windows 8 are contextually relevant.

“Nearly 60 percent of people exposed to ads on Windows 8 perceived the brands as innovative cutting edge and trustworthy. In fact, brands that advertise in Windows 8 apps are more than two times as likely to be seen as innovative compared to Nielsen norms,” Microsoft explains.

With the new Ad Pano format, advertisers have the ability to deliver unlimited storytelling potential to deliver an interactive, immersive, panoramic advertising experience in a Windows 8 app, comparable to a magazine fold-out. Check out two examples below.

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