Microsoft shows off web-based editing improvements in Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft shows off web-based editing in Internet Explorer 11

There is a definite move towards online applications these days, and with the release of Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft is showing how the latest version of the browser can help. This is something that the company is keen to promote bearing in mind the existence of the online versions of Office 365 apps.

On the IE Blog Microsoft gives some details of how Internet Explorer 11 users can not only paste images, but also paste and edit lists online.

When pasting lists, formatting is preserved and converted into HTML making it easier to share data from other applications. When making edits, there is an improved undo experience which means users need simply press Ctrl and Z to reverse the previous change. There is, however, potential for developers to implement more complex, multi-step undo features.

You can test drive the pasting of local images on a specially created page. This can be used to paste images from the clipboard to avoid the need for manual uploading, but it is also possible to paste HTML code that includes local images.

A test page has also been set up for the undo feature.

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