Microsoft shows off the Surface 3 and Surface Pen in action (video)

Microsoft shows off the Surface 3 and Surface Pen in action in new videos

The Surface 3 is a hot topic right now, ever since Microsoft unveiled it last week. The Surface 3 is the successor to the Windows RT powered Surface 2, but runs full Windows. The Surface Pen, on the other hand, is another tool that completes your Surface 3 experience. 

In a series of new videos, Microsoft is showcasing the Surface 3 in action. "We live in a mobile world and technology should be as flexible as our schedules. The new Surface 3 is designed for the way we live our lives," Microsoft states. The Surface 3 is available for pre-order right now, and those of you outside North American can order it May 7th from select retail partners.

The company is also showcasing the Surface Pen, which you can purchase unbundled for $50. Both videos are embedded below for your viewing pleasure. We'll have a hands on review of the Surface 3 shortly, so stay tuned for that!

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