Microsoft shows site developers how to adapt to different window sizes in IE10

In a new Internet Explorer 10 blog post, Microsoft offers site developers some code hints on how to adapt their websites to different window sizes. This tip will ensure a website will have automatic content scaling across various window dimensions using IE10.

As you can see from the images above, the first image shows you how popular sites TechCrunch and Wikipedia look when their site does not scale when placed in a narrow browser width. The second image shows you how the site should look when scaled properly. “In the Metro style browser, the snapped view and portrait mode are auto-scaled by default to ensure at least 1024 pixels of layout width. Mobile devices take a similar approach when displaying non-mobile-optimized sites on a narrow form factor. Since most sites are built to work well at 1024 pixels, this ensures that they are laid out well and do not clip content by default,” Microsoft adds. By using the @-ms-viewport CSS property, developers can ensure proper scaling across different window dimensions. Head over to the source link for the full in-depth and technical post on this CSS property.

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