Microsoft shows off the Lumia 950 in two new videos

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Microsoft’s newest Lumia flagships, the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, are due to start shipping out and selling in-store from AT&T as well as Microsoft itself in the next couple of weeks. The 950 is set to roll out as early as the 20 of November at AT&T, with the 950 XL coming by the end of this month, according to sources. But with the devices coming soon, some people who receive them will need to have support from Microsoft ready to help them set up what could be their first smartphone.
Microsoft has new and returning users covered with a pair of videos featuring an overview of the Lumia 950’s various ports, plugs, and sensor cutouts in the front and back panels. The first features how to insert your SIM, or SIMs for dual-SIM models, and MicroSD cards into the device, as well as how to remove and replace the back shell onto the device. The physical tour of the device reveals where the NFC, wireless charging, and radio antennas are located on the back face of the 950, as well as showing the location of the Windows Hello sensor (to the left of the front-facing camera), as well as the purpose of a possibly mysterious red LED on the right side of the speaker grille (it’s used for Windows Hello, by the way).
Since we’ve already gotten to go hands-on with the new hardware, not much is new. But Microsoft’s release of support videos shows some dedication to the devices (past just the promotional videos and advertisements that have peppered the Internet since the unveiling earlier last month).

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