Microsoft shows off multi-touch HTML5 gaming on Windows 8 with Contre Jour

Contre Jour, a game that has been popular on Apple’s iOS platform, has now been made into a HTML5 multi-touch game that Microsoft touts as “perfect for touch” when played on Internet Explorer 10. This game actually seems pretty cool, so check it out!

“Bringing Contre Jour to the web has resulted in arguably the most ambitious use of HTML5 to date. Coupled with the entirely new IE10 browsing experience, the game play of Contre Jour on the web is simply stunning. It is as fast and fluid as many native apps, and with IE10 and Windows 8, it is perfect for touch. Once you start playing in IE10 on Windows 8, you immediately forget you’re on a website,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. The game is based on the French phrase “against daylight” and is interestingly designed. This game is the first game brought to the web that utilizes multi-touch on certain levels, according to Microsoft. And of course, Internet Explorer 10 is the best browser to play this game. “IE10 not only provides a browser UI that is perfect for touch, dedicating 100% of the pixels to the site with a full-screen chromeless UI, but provides developers a new set of multi-touch capabilities that change what is possible on the web,” Microsoft adds. Take a look at the video demonstrating the game below:

You can play the game here:

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