Microsoft shows Metro app developers how to be productive in the background

In a new Windows 8 app developer blog post, Microsoft show Metro style app developers how to play audio in the background and perform uploads/downloads while an app is suspended. All this to ensure apps are being productive in the background and using minimal battery power.

“Windows 8 provides you with the ability to create background tasks. These background tasks run in response to external triggers (like time or system events or incoming push notification) and have resource constraints imposed on them to make it easy to perform background activity in a power-friendly manner. The most common examples of apps that use them are email, VoIP, and IM apps. These apps can sync your data, in the background while on battery, or in Connected Standby mode,” Microsoft explains. According to Microsoft, when a background download operating is started, the download operations continue in the background even when the app gets suspended. When the app is resumed, the download progress and completion will be shown. If the app was terminated after suspension, the download will restart. Windows 8 also makes it easier to develop an audio player app that is simple and power efficient. Head over to the source link for a more in-depth look at the code used to develop these types of apps.

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