Microsoft shows how OneNote and Bing make a perfect team

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Microsoft shows how OneNote and Bing make a perfect team

It's not very long since OneNote for Windows 8.1 received a significant update which added a number of new features. In a post on the OneNote blog, Microsoft demonstrates how the note capturing tool is perfectly partnered by Bing; the Bing app is great for conducting research, while OneNote excels at helping you to organize ideas.

As the post puts it, "independently, both are incredibly useful, but when combined, you can really change the way you do things -- from start to finish". But what does this mean in practice?

There are several Bing apps to choose from, and a new video shows how Bing Food & Drink and OneNote work together in perfect harmony.

In the video, a culinarily challenged couple use Bing Food & Drink to track down recipes they can make. These are then shared to OneNote in a couple of taps to create a shopping list. The automatic synchronization of OneNote is also used to transform the app into an instant messaging tool.

Check out the video below:

How will you use the tool together?

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