Microsoft shows developers how to adopt HTML5 for Metro style Apps

In a new blog post, Microsoft talks about how HTML5 is here and the web will never be the same. Microsoft describes the significance of HTML5 and how app developers can utilize it for creating Metro styled apps.

Since HTML5 is emerging, Microsoft has been using Internet Explorer 10 Platform Previews to test the new technology. When it comes to app and web developers interested in using HTML5, Microsoft asks two questions when it comes to the new technology. First, how widely implemented across all major browsers is HTML5? And how would this technology be adopted for browsers who do not support HTML5? The answers are pretty simple. Microsoft recommends Internet Explorer as the best browser to support HTML5 and on top of that, there are technologies such as Modernizer that helps app and web developers support HTML5 on older browsers. Microsoft also recommends the use of Visual Studio 2010 and Expression Web 4 for HTML5 development. Take a look at the source for a more in-depth view on adopting HTML5.

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