Microsoft shows customers five ways their Lumia can be helpful on vacation

We all know that smartphones are perhaps the most useful tool in the world. We use it for everything―emails, tweets, reminders, calculations, quick web searches, and the list goes on. Your Microsoft Lumia phone is also really useful while you're on vacation, too.
One of the guys of the Lumia Conversations blog showed us some interesting ways on how your Microsoft Lumia phone can help you while your on vacation. He explains how some of the features and apps, like Cortana, Translator World Clock, Here Maps, and Uber, can be quite useful for people on vacation.
For example, Cortana, the virtual assistant that comes with Windows 10 and Phone devices, can help you with tracking flights and currency conversions super quickly, while the Translator app can help you translate images and speech even while you're offline.
How do you use your Microsoft Lumia phone while you're on vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

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