Microsoft showcases Windows 8.1 Mail app, has seamless integration with

Windows 8.1 Mail app

As Windows 8.1 approaches general availability on October 18th, Microsoft is slowly showcasing each of the new apps that are bundled with Windows 8.1. This week, Microsoft showcases the new Mail app that comes with Windows 8.1 and features seamless integration with

In an official blog post, Microsoft showcased the new Mail app and how new features were added to the app based on user feedback from the app on Windows 8. Microsoft wanted the Mail app to take advantage of the email service and the company did just that for Windows 8.1. 

“Building for touch brought a wide range of improvements across the Mail app in Windows 8.1.”

“For us, that meant ensuring that the Mail app truly takes advantage of the service. It also led us to optimize the Mail app in Windows 8.1 for a modern mail experience—one that is efficient on mobile devices, built for touch, integrated into your whole life, and designed for the types of mail that matter most to you,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft improved upon the Mail app for touch users. The Mail app lets you select one or more messages by using checkboxes in the message list. The app also allows you to drag/drop messages into folders, which was apparently a highly requested feature from consumers. Microsoft has also updated the app bar to not only be organized but also show a visible preview, whether you are using a mouse or using touch.

“We’ve also invested heavily in making sure that all the most common email tasks work great. From opening messages, to searching mail on the server, to syncing all your mail across all folders—these are all as quick and reliable as you’d expect them to be. We’ve also made sure that this improved performance doesn’t come at the expense of system resources like battery life and network bandwidth,” Microsoft explained.

The Mail app now sports advanced multi-account features as well as complete implementation of the EAS protocol so you can take your device to work!

Microsoft has added a new Power Pane to the left side of the Mail app, which showcases messages by type and create customized views of the email that’s most important. The Mail app will also showcase the people who you communicate with frequently, even allowing you to quickly and easily see all the email you have sent to those ‘favorite’ people.

“We think it’s the best email experience for tablets.”

Newsletters and social updates have their own special folder in the Mail app, but you can always drag those messages back into the inbox if you don’t like them separated.’s Sweep feature is now available in the Mail app, allowing users to select one or more messages and choose how you want to sweep away that email. 

“So if you ask us what’s most interesting about this update to the email experience on Windows 8.1, we’ll say that we think it’s the best email experience for tablets,” Microsoft stated.

Microsoft also shared some stats about For example, did you know that 68% of users access their accounts on a mobile device? Microsoft also stated that more people access on a mobile device than on the web and service usage has tripled in the last year.

Windows 8.1 is set for general availability on October 17th for current Windows 8 users. 

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