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Microsoft showcases unlimited attachments and social media integration in Outlook.com


Microsoft took Outlook.com out of preview not that long ago and has already seen over 60 million users. In a new blog post, Microsoft highlights two new features that are available with Outlook.com, unlimited attachments using SkyDrive and social media integration.

Since social media is such a big thing these days, especially Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, Microsoft has allowed Outlook.com to connect your email to the most popular social networks to ensure your “address book” is full of important and crucial information about your contacts. “As you can imagine, this isn’t a standard “connect” implementation with our partners. Instead, this connection requires a deep partnership with each of these services to ensure we can pass billions of updates between our networks daily while giving you a modern, high-quality experience,” Microsoft adds. According to Microsoft, millions of people have connected their Outlook.com inbox to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. For example, Outlook.com will showcase real profile photos at the top of email messages.

Outlook.com also features unlimited attachment support thanks to SkyDrive integration. “To help solve this problem, we gave SkyDrive to every person who uses Outlook.com, including 7 GB of free cloud storage built right in. We also built SkyDrive right into your email. So now, you can send just about anything in a single message by using SkyDrive and you can stop worrying about attachment limits – your limits as well as those of the people you’re emailing,” Microsoft adds. All you have to do is “Attach with SkyDrive” and you can easily attach multiple large files with ease. According to Microsoft, nearly 50% of Outlook.com users are using SkyDrive too.

So there you have it. Two key features that make Outlook.com one of the best email services out there. Have you tried out these two features?

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