Microsoft showcases the new Outlook Web App, comes with a “Windows 8 style” fluid interface


In a new Office Next blog post, Microsoft outlines the new Outlook Web App (OWA) that features enhancements and a refined look Exchange users who want to access their mailboxes on the desktop or mobile platforms. On top of that, it comes with a “Windows 8 style” interface.

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The new Outlook Web App is designed for laptops or larger devices with mouse/keyboard input, in which Microsoft calls “Desktop.” The new OWA is also designed for tablet size screens with touch input, which the company calls “touch-wide.” For phone size screens, Microsoft has an optimized layout called “touch-narrow.” “OWA has a new design language that gives it a fresh, modern look that aligns to Windows 8, Windows Phone and the rest of the Office 2013 products. It’s a clean, light, and open approach that enables people to focus more on the communication content, with less distraction,” Microsoft explains. OWA now works offline with no network connectivity, so your emails or tasks can be synced once you go back online. The new Outlook Web App is available with the Office 365 Customer Preview Small Business Premium or Enterprise plan.