Microsoft showcases Bing’s ability to give you search results in an app or on any device (video)

Microsoft Bing search logo

Microsoft has rolled out a new video advertisement for the company’s Bing search engine. In the video, Microsoft showcases how Bing search can work anywhere, including inside an app or on your Windows Phone, Windows 8, or Xbox.

“With Bing, search isn’t something that only happens in a box. It can happen whenever and wherever you need it. Access the information you want from inside an app or on any device including your phone, tablet or even Xbox,” the video description reads.

Not only does Windows 8.1 come with built in Bing search integration, but Bing powers many of the new Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 apps out in the Windows Store. These apps include the Bing suite, which features the News app, Sports app, Weather app, and more.

Microsoft sees Bing as an important service layer for the company, seeing as how it has become an essential component of the company’s latest products.

“We can now speak to our Xbox consoles to find and interact with digital entertainment. Our Windows Phones offer contextually relevant suggestions and can translate languages in real time. Bing image search is now part of Word, and Bing Maps part of Excel. Bing is now an important service layer for Microsoft, and we wanted to create a new brand identity to reflect its companywide role,” Microsoft stated.

You can watch the video below.

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