Microsoft to show off Windows 8 for Tablets

Email Twitter: @ronwinbeta May 27th, 2011 inNews

From what is being reported by those who have first hand knowledge of the company’s plans, Microsoft is planning on showcasing its next generation Windows operating system for tablet devices next week.

As BloomBerg reports, Microsoft will preview its Windows 8 operating system for tablet computers next week. The first demonstration will be at Walter Mossberg’s All Things Digital D9 conference in California and the second demonstration will be overseas at the Computex show in Tapei.

Microsoft plans on showcasing the software’s touch-screen interface powered by Nvidia’s Tegra chip. According to Nvidia, these Tegra chips are dual-core, ARM-based, and are ideal for small devices such as tablet computers especially when it features low power consumption and an integrated graphics processor.

Microsoft is working hard to introduce a viable competitor to Apple’s iPad, which has thus-far dominated the tablet market. Microsoft entered the digial music market too late with its Zune product, any many analysts say that Microsoft’s tardiness was the reason for the Zune not making a meaningful impact. Apple also continues to dominate the digital music market.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer even said, “We are in a race. We are not doing that badly, frankly. We are doing pretty well in that race. But the race is on to continue to push Windows to a variety of new form factors.”

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on any new Windows 8 news.

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