Microsoft shipped 900,000 Surface RT tablets in Q4 2012

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A new report from the International Data Corporation has today revealed a growth in the tablet market during Q4 2012, which was unexpected. This growth tipped the amount of tablets that shipped worldwide over the 50 million mark. Along with this number, was the amount of tablets Microsoft sold, which was just under 1 million units.

Surface Pro

While it may not sound like much, and it seems miniscule when you compare it to 22.9 million iPad units being shipped, it’s a definite good start for Microsoft, as the Surface tablet still doesn’t have an exact place in the consumer market, mainly because consumers don’t know it exists.

As the Surface Pro is about to launch, Microsoft probably expects the new product at least push the Surface market out into the open a bit more, but with prices starting at $700+ it’s going to be tough.

Are you surprised at this number? Were you expecting Microsoft to have sold more or less Surface RT tablets in Q4 2012?

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