Microsoft to ship cancelled Surface Book pre-orders a few days after they are re-entered

Microsoft's Surface Book may be one of the best Windows 10 PCs, but it appears that some users are having a difficult time pre-ordering the new machine. Earlier this week, customers who pre-ordered the Surface Book had to wake up with the bad news that their pre-orders are being cancelled due to issues with payment methods and credit cards. Some users also reported that they received server errors when they tried to change the payment method so they can pre-order the Surface Book -- not a good sight if you're really want to get your hands on the notebook.
Later, when the customers with cancelled pre-orders tried to re-order, they were given shipment dates going as high as seven to eight weeks -- some of them cancelled their pre-orders altogether due to delayed shipment dates. However, it seems if you were one of the affected ones, there's a possibility that you may get your pre-orders earlier then expected.
The folks at Windows Central managed to get a statement from the company's spokesperson who said that the impacted customers  will be able to get their orders shipped within a few days after they are re-entered. The company will contact affected customers, and if they decide to keep their pre-order of the Surface Book, it will be re-entered with a short shipment date.

"As we are processing and shipping the previously placed Surface Book pre-orders, some needed to have order details re-entered to properly process the transaction. We will be contacting impacted customers, and should they wish to keep their order, it will be shipped within a few days of being re-entered."

Definitely a good thing as Microsoft is making sure it can get the new Surface Book to customers without any hassle. Let us know if you've received an email from the company regarding your cancelled pre-orders, and if you're getting one using the comments below.

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