Microsoft shares more details about how Android apps will work on Windows 11

Laurent Giret

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Windows 11 - Android Apps - Store

If Windows 11 launched without the much-anticipated integration with the Amazon Android App Store, it seems that Windows Insiders will soon get the chance to test Android apps and the new Windows Subsystem for Android. Indeed, Microsoft detailed how Android apps will work on Windows 11 in a new support page spotted by WalkingCat, and public testing may well be imminent.

On the support page, the company explains that the Windows Subsystem for Android will automatically be installed in the background when Windows 11 users install an Android app or the Amazon App Store from the Windows 11 Microsoft Store. The Windows Subsystem for Android will have its own Settings app where users can decide to have it running in the background all the time or not, which will impact how much time Android apps take to open.


There will also be a toggle for hardware-accelerated graphics, and Microsoft recommends turning this off and shutdown the subsystem for Android if your PC starts running slowly. Microsoft said that the minimum requirements for the Windows Subsystem for Android would be different from the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, though the company has yet to share more details.

The support page also mentions that “only a small set of apps selected by Microsoft and Amazon” will be available on the Amazon Android App Store. However, Android apps on Windows 11 will behave like regular Windows apps, and users will be able to resize them and snap them at will. Amazon’s Kindle Android app appeared in one of the screenshots on that support page, but we also saw Discord, Spotify, Reddit, and Amazon Prime Video.

Screenshot of Microsoft Store page featuring the Get button on the Amazon App Store

Last but not least, Windows 11 users will be able to uninstall both the Amazon App Store and the Windows Subsystem for Android if they no longer need them. Uninstalling the Windows Subsystem for Android will actually uninstall the Amazon Appstore and all Amazon apps.

Again, the publication of this support page today suggests that the Windows Subsystem for Android could soon become available for public testing. Microsoft often releases new Windows 11 Insider builds on Wednesdays, so stay tuned to OnMSFT later today in case the company does release a new build for Dev Channel Insiders.