Microsoft set to unveil its wearable smartwatch “within weeks”, will sync with Android, iOS and Windows Phone

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Earlier in the year, it was reported that Microsoft was working on a smartwatch, or fitness band which would run on all the major mobile platforms. Today, another report which backs up that claim goes one step further by claiming that the device is set to launch “within weeks”, beating the holiday season and indeed the Apple Watch’s 2015 Spring launch.

As of right now, not much is known about the wearable. Rumors claim the smartwatch will be more like a fitness band, keeping track of things like heart rate, footsteps and more. It is said that these features will integrate directly with the MSN Health app and indeed Microsoft HealthVault.

One major key feature regarding the Microsoft smartwatch is that it will sync with all major platforms, unlike the Android and iOS smartwatches, which run exclusively on their own platforms. This could give Microsoft the leading edge in the smartwatch realm, and considering the device is set to launch months in advance before the Apple Watch, having the device be available on all platforms is good news.

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