Microsoft set to announce bash on Linux running on Windows 10, according to reports

Dave W. Shanahan


Microsoft’s Build 2016 developer conference starts tomorrow, March 30, 2016, and some details on Build events are already starting to leak out on Twitter. Specifically, Microsoft plans to show Bash running on Ubuntu Linux on Windows 10 during Build 2016. Originally, Tero Alhonen (@teroalhonen) and WalkingCat (@h0x0d) posted the details on Twitter:

Apparently, Microsoft’s Channel 9 has detailed that there will be a “Windows Command Line” discussion on Day 1 of Build 2016. Now, it looks like Microsoft will also discuss running Bash on Linux too. For those thinking Bash is a party (like me), it, unfortunately, isn’t. Mary Jo Foley puts it best:

“Bash is a Linux shell. It’s a set of add-ons and plug-ins that are a superset of the Bourne shell, and provide users with the ability to employ text commands to evoke specific actions (and/or to use scripts to do so). There already are ways to get the Bash shell running on Windows, such as by using the Cygwin or MSYS utilities. But Microsoft seemingly plans to go a step beyond that.”

WinBeta already reported that Windows 10 build 14251 had some Linux subsystem files, but Microsoft has not provided any explanation for the Linux files’ presence. It looks like we will just have to wait until Microsoft Build 2016 tomorrow. Stay tuned to WinBeta for all your Build 2016 news!