Microsoft Sends Cake to Mozilla for Shipping Firefox 6

Microsoft continues to follow a tradition as the company sent a congratulatory cake to Mozilla for recently launching Firefox 6. When Mozilla launched Firefox 5, the Microsoft Internet Explorer team send Mozilla a special cupcake. This time, Mozilla receives a smaller cake.

Microsoft Sends Cake to Mozilla for Shipping Firefox 6 - - August 17, 2011

"Every time Mozilla releases a version of Firefox, the IE team sends us a cake. They're cool like that. As the releases have gotten faster and leaner.. so have the cakes," Mozilla stated.

It's not surprising that Microsoft has sent Mozilla a smaller cake this time to poke fun of the company's outrageous release cycle. Microsoft used to send Mozilla a real cake, back when the release cycle was not every few weeks.

Mozilla is working on an accelerated release date for its Firefox browser which basically means we will see a new version of Firefox every six weeks. To put things in perspective, Mozilla released Firefox 4 on March 21st and Firefox 5 on June 18th. Mozilla plans to release Firefox 7 on September 27th.

Firefox 6 was officially released today and contains several noticeable changes including the highlighting of domain names in the browser's address bar and reduced start-up time when users rely on Panorama, which is the browser's multi-tab organizer. Firefox 6 is expected to bring better control over permissions, faster start-up times, faster performance in Linux, better plugin management, and HTML5 support. Firefox 6 Final does not bring any new changes to user interface but there are a ton of speed improvements compared to Firefox 5.

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