Microsoft sends out another wave of HoloLens Development Edition invites

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While Microsoft has been generating a ton of excitement around its HoloLens mixed reality headset over the last year, it’s still not easy to get your hands on a $3,000 HoloLens Developer Edition. While the headset only start shipping during Build 2016 in late March, as of now you can only pre-order one if you’re a developer in the US or Canada and you also have to be a Windows Insider to apply for an invitation.

However, Microsoft seems to have increased production over the last few weeks as we reported two weeks ago that the company started sending the fourth waves of invites to purchase the device, and Neowin is reporting today that the fifth wave of invites has now started to roll out. According to a recent post from a Microsoft employee on the Windows Holographic Developer forum, the company has indeed made some changes to send invitation waves faster and each wave is now “projected to ship over the course of three to four weeks.” As usual, those of you who have recently received an invitation must act within 10 days and are provided instructions from Microsoft on how to purchase the device.

If you already applied to pre-order a HoloLens Developer Edition but have yet to receive an invite, you can in the meantime download the Windows SDK and the HoloLens emulator to begin building holographic apps right now on a Windows 10 PC.

Otherwise, we recommend you to watch our own hands-on video below:

Did you just receive an invite to get your HoloLens Developer Edition? If so, let us know in the comments.

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