Microsoft sells the unbundled Surface 3 pen for $50 at the Microsoft Store

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Microsoft sells the unbundled Surface 3 pen for $50 at the Microsoft Store

Microsoft is on an ‘unbundling’ spree. The company is unbundling their new browser from their OS. Unbundling Office from box purchases. Unbundling many of the Windows services from the OS. Unbundling their Windows names from modern services like Azure. Unbundling the Xbox name from Microsoft entertainment services. 

Now, for better or for worse, they are unbundling the pen from pen-enabled screens on Surface devices. Upon the announcement of the Surface 3, customers can now purchase the optional pen-stylus from the Microsoft Store for $49.99. Customers can also choose between four colors that match the color options for the attachable keyboards.

Traditionally speaking, the non-pro Surface line did not come equipped with a pen. The pen was reserved for and bundled in with the pro line of Surface devices. However, this is the first time the non-pro Surface line has had a pen-enabled screen. Some may argue that it makes sense to continue to bundle the pen with pen-enabled screens. Currently, Microsoft does not see it that way.

The Surface 2 saw some pretty good bundled deals towards the end of its retail run. Perhaps as time goes on, Microsoft will offer packages that include the pen and keyboard for a respectable price

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