Microsoft sells out "limited quantity" of Core i5 128GB Surface Book

Windows Central is reporting the recently introduced 128 GB Core i5 with dGPU Surface Book has been removed from the Microsoft Store. This variant was originally priced at $1,699. Coupled with delays in shipping, the removal of the listing led to concerns that the offer might have been an error by Microsoft. But when reaching out for comment about the removal, a Microsoft spokesperson responded to Windows Central saying,

"We made a limited number of 128 GB Core i5 dGPU Surface Book SKUs available in the U.S. and quickly sold through stock. Microsoft will fulfill orders of the product, and customers can expect shipment notices upon the time of shipment.”

Apparently Microsoft did not anticipate this relatively lower priced option, which still has a dGPU, being such a popular seller. Perhaps it will be relisted on the store once Microsoft has completed the current backorder as consumers seem to be willing to trade lower storage options for the addition of a dGPU at that price point.
Which configuration of the Surface Book do you think is the best bang for your buck? Let us know in the comments section below.

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