Microsoft seems to have settled on “star and bars” icon in Microsoft Edge favorites hub

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About seven months ago, we reported that Microsoft was testing new icons for the hub button in Microsoft Edge. After the Windows 10 Creators Update shipped, the company eventually settled for an icon which looks like a three lined list. Well, turns out that Microsoft has ditched the list icon, now settling for a “star and bars” style icon instead.

It’s not clear what exactly changed the hub icon, but we’re assuming it may be the most recent cumulative update for the Windows 10 Creators Update. As you can see below, the Production Ring PC on the top (which has yet to install the September cumulative update) features the classic list icon in the hub. The Production Ring PC (with the September cumulative update) on the bottom, meanwhile, features the newer star and bars icon.

Microsoft seems to have settled on "star and bars" icon in Microsoft Edge favorites hub - - September 15, 2017
The icon change

This is still a very small change, but it might as well be the results of user feedback. When we originally polled our readers a few months ago we found there were many types of icons being previously tested, including a box of balls, a down arrow box, stacked box, star house, and the more recent star and bar icon. At the time the star and bar icon was the most popular option with our readers, so it is apparent that maybe Microsoft too likes this option.

Did you see the change in the icon? Which icon do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts below.

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