Microsoft Search to consolidate experience across Bing, SharePoint, and

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You might be familiar with Microsoft Search, an enterprise search platform that is in place to help to bring personalized searches across Office 365, Windows, and Bing. Since its inception, the app has evolved receiving an array of features as well as updates such as adding bookmarks and people autosuggest in Microsoft Edge, Microsoft 365 user profiles including topics and skills to enhance the platform’s search results, and users getting to earn Microsoft Reward points anytime they conduct searches using Microsoft Search with a work and school account, managed by an organization.

Still, on the premise of enhancing Microsoft Search’s user experience, the platform is going to get a new feature tagged 98144 in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap. This new feature will let users get the same search results across Microsoft Search in Bing, SharePoint, and in all native verticals, ultimately enhancing productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency. The feature is likely to reach general availability later this year in December.


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