Microsoft says it is still committed to Windows Phone partners after Nokia acquisition

Windows phone

Microsoft recently revealed that they have acquired Nokia's Devices and Services division. One question that everyone has been asking after the Nokia acquisition is what will happen to other Windows Phone OEMs.

Terry Myerson, the Microsoft's vice president of operating systems, reassured a collaboration with Microsoft hardware teams and OEMs. "Our OS group mission is to enable the innovations of our hardware partners to shine through on the Windows platform. We collaborate with our Microsoft hardware teams in the same way we partner with our external hardware partners: we discreetly discuss technical and business opportunities, make shared bets, empower each other to do great work, and then operate closely together to delight our shared customers," he states.

"We look forward to building new products together that will provide valuable business opportunity for the ecosystem and enable OEMs to deliver huge value to their customers, from consumers to the largest enterprise,” Myerson adds. Myerson believes that Nokia will benefit all Windows Phone partners because of how Microsoft’s division operates with one another.

Steve Ballmer also told the New York Times that 80% of Windows Phones used globally are made by Nokia. Windows Phone minority companies, Samsung and HTC, are still releasing some new Windows Phones, but that might change after learning about the Microsoft acquisition of Nokia. Although these companies might be planning on releasing something in 2013’s fourth quarter, all we have to do is wait and see how this acquisition affects them in the long-run.

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