Microsoft says Hotmail is now 10x faster

With Google’s announcement that Gmail was being redesigned to remove clutter and make the browsing experience better, Hotmail users are wondering, “What about us?” Not to worry, Microsoft has announced that new updates that were introduced last week makes Hotmail work 10x faster.

As we learned recently, Microsoft introduced several enhancements to its Hotmail service, giving the service speed improvements and utilizing HTML5 to make the email reading experience better. Microsoft is now claiming that these updates have made Hotmail 10x faster. This begs the question, “How slow was it before the updates?”

So what makes Hotmail work 10x faster? Thanks to caching, preloading, and asynchronous operations, and possibly a tweak in Internet Explorer 9, one can achieve a 10x faster Hotmail.

Hotmail now uses local storage to cache data to users are not waiting for information to download from a server every time a link is clicked. Hot mail also preloads new mails in the background as you scan the headings, so your experience is faster. Using asynchronous operations, the interface navigation is very fast. Clicking an option in the UI used to mean waiting for the server to respond, now it works very fast in the background.

Microsoft put together this video to showcase the speed improvements. Has anyone played around with the new Hotmail and notice the speed increase?

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