Microsoft Safer Online Challenge for teens features a Windows 8 tablet and Xbox as prizes

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Back in November of last year, Microsoft launched a contest called “Safer Online Challenge” for teens which revolves around staying safe on the internet as well as educating others about online safety. The deadline for the contest, which features a Windows 8 tablet and Xbox Kinect bundle as prizes, is in just one week.

“If you are age 13 through 18* then you probably do a lot online—schoolwork, texting, gaming, updating your wall, downloading music, and much more. You probably also know there are safety risks to being online. Do you want to learn how to stay safer online and also help educate others? Then the Safer Online Teen Challenge is for you! If you are up for it, follow these three steps,” Microsoft stated.

In order to participate, one must read about safety on Microsoft’s website, then either create a skit/presentation, produce a video, write a story or draw a cartoon, compose a song, or conduct a survey. The deadline to submit your entry is 5PM Pacific Time on April 12th of 2013 and Microsoft is allowing you to submit an unlimited number of entries.

Microsoft is offering a Samsung ATIV Windows 8 tablet and a Xbox 360 250GB Kinect bundle as prizes. Head over to the official contest’s Facebook page in order to get started! Microsoft is using this contest to allow kids to add their own spin on online safety in a level that will resonate with their peers. In essence, Microsoft is teaching kids about online safety and security by having other kids be the teachers! Pretty cool.

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