Microsoft runs out of Windows phones in its UK Store

Laurent Giret

Three months ago, we reported that Microsoft was preparing to end production of its Lumia handsets at the end of the year. Such a move could give some breathing room to third-party manufacturers while Microsoft goes back to the drawing board, though we could well wait a least a year before a rumored “Surface Phone” eventually sees the light of day.

These past few months, Microsoft also heavily discounted its fifth generation Lumia handsets to clear inventory, and we previously reported that the Lumia 950 was already out of stock in Germany. Now, it seems that consumers in the UK can no longer purchase a Lumia phone from the Microsoft Store as Neowin reports today that all Lumia handsets are now out of stock on the company’s UK Store.

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All Lumia phones are now out of stock on the UK Microsoft Store;

Yesterday, the mid-range Lumia 650 was the last Lumia handset to be discounted for a limited time on the UK Store but both white and black models are no longer available to purchase as of today. For now, the only Windows phones you can buy on the UK Microsoft Store are the HP Elite x3 and the Acer Liquid Jade Primo.

It’s not clear yet if Microsoft could receive new stock before the end of the year, though in the meantime you can still purchase Microsoft’s Lumia handsets at other UK retailers including Amazon, Carephone Warehouse, Expansys and Clove.