Microsoft rumored to skip The Game Awards over Activision controversies

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Microsoft may very well miss The Game Awards 2022 according to a rumor leaked by Windows Central’s Jez Corden. It’s no secret the software giant is being watched with a fine-tooth comb after announcing its intention to buy Activision Blizzard in early 2022.

Microsoft is the latest to have its feathers ruffled by the Federal Trade Commission which is expected to file an antitrust lawsuit of its own to potentially block its $69B acquisition.

As anti-trust concerns continue to mount Microsoft may be choosing to subdue its presence in the gaming industry until the acquisition is complete. Not attending The Game Awards 2022 would do just that and possibly prevent anyone considering not approving the merger deal from having more ammunition. Microsoft’s potential moonwalk away from the Game Awards is not the first time a move like this has been attempted to shield perceptual blowback.

Sony is believed to have tried something similar with its 2022 PlayStation Showcase cancellation to prevent Microsoft from highlighting its competition’s arguably stronger position in the market.

For now, though, it’s just rumors and Corden admits the situation could go either direction now.


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