Microsoft rolls out an update to the Office 365 API Tool for Visual Studio 2013

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Microsoft rolls out an update to the office 365 api tool for visual studio 2013

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Office 365 API Tool for Visual Studio 2013, which is sure to please developers. The update brings updated client libraries, tooling updates, and improvements to discovery and authentication results.

"Today, we are releasing an update to the Office 365 API Tool for Visual Studio 2013, which includes Office 365 API client libraries for .NET applications and JavaScript for multi-device hybrid applications. This update addresses some of the key feedback and bug fixes since the previous release," Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

The update will now showcase a 'Register your app' link when you open the tool for the first time to add Office 365 APIs to your project. This makes it explicit that you are registering a new application in Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD). The update also adds support for managing redirect URIs in ASP.NET web application projects.

When you add Office 365 services to your project, you can now see log messages in the Visual Studio output window. You can also associate your Windows Phone 8.1 project with an Azure Active Directory application using the Office 365 API tool.

The update also adds several changes and some new features to the Office 365 API client libraries. "Today’s update brings a breaking change to the code required to authenticate with Office 365 APIs. The Office 365 APIs and Tooling are still in preview, and we do try to avoid breaking changes. In this instance, because of the amount of feedback we got from developers, we thought the change was worth it before we formally release them," Microsoft explained.

Microsoft has also squashed bugs in client libraries, based on user feedback. "For Windows store, Windows forms, and Web apps, the authentication flow has been refactored to allow the developer to have better control over discovery and authentication results," Microsoft explained.

Head over to the VIA link to read the in-depth technical announcement.

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