Microsoft rolls out three new updates for Windows 8.1, deals with SkyDrive and IE11


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Windows 8.1

Microsoft has rolled out a three new updates for Windows 8.1 Preview, for those of you who are on the operating system which the software giant released to the masses June 26th. Microsoft already released the first batch of updates as part of July 2013 Patch Tuesday, and a second batch of updates for Windows 8.1 on July 17th, and now we get our third batch.

These three updates are available now via Windows Update for those of you on Windows 8.1. The updates address service metadata packages, SkyDrive, and Internet Explorer 11 Preview. These are the updates that are available: (KB2870257) Update for Windows 8.1 Preview that enables service metadata packages to work correctly; (KB2871052) Update that improves the stability of SkyDrive in Windows 8.1 Preview; and (KB2871055) You cannot view a webpage that contains a timer in Internet Explorer 11 Preview.

These updates are the third batch of updates we have seen for Windows 8.1 Preview since its release. Microsoft has shifted away from only releasing updates during Patch Tuesday and is obviously shooting for a rapid release schedule for these 8.1 updates. If you are on Windows 8 or Windows RT, head over to Windows Update!

Windows 8.1