Microsoft rolls out modern image searching for Bing, places images in the spotlight

Microsoft’s Bing search engine continues to receive feature improvements and additions from Microsoft and today the company has announced modern image searching for Bing. Now, Bing users can search for images in a more modern way which places images in the spotlight.

“We’re rolling out a brand new way to make it faster or more simple to explore imagery on Bing. Now when you click an image, we don’t waste your time loading a new page or force you to dig through a bunch of clutter. The new design loads quickly placing the image center stage,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Microsoft has redesigned the image viewer to place the spotlight on the picture being viewed and eliminating any clutter around it. Microsoft added a darker look to make it easier on your eyes. Users can even hit the “View larger” option to view the image in full screen mode. Microsoft has also introduced a larger filmstrip at the bottom of the screen for easy navigation. Designed with speed in mind, Microsoft has made Bing Image search faster than ever.

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